Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook has locked down the page.

I am attempting to contact Facebook to get this remedied.  Please stand by.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


A lot has happened in my life with family and such since the last posting.  Sorry but I've been a busy beard and a bit lax where posting is concerned.  As for the happenings, GBwB was featured in the Advocate for one!  It's nice to be noticed what with the hard work and all that goes into something like GBwB.  Also, there's an upcoming interview that I'll post more about soon.  The most recent news is the partnering of GBwB with Steele Luxury Travel and The Eagle NYC to promote a trip to Folsom Europe in Berlin, Germany.  It's for a great cause and the event itself should prove to great.   Check out the information below if you are interested in checking it out.   Good to be back guys!

Steele Luxury Travel Introduces their Newest Travel Experience: Folsom Europe; Berlin.

Steele Luxury Travel and the world-renowned Eagle Bar NYC have joined forces with the GBwB (Gay Boys with Beards) Facebook Group to create the most unique collaborative Labor Day Weekend travel experience.  This September, The Eagle, Steele, and members of GBwB will travel to Berlin, Germany to experience Folsom Europe, Europe’s biggest and the world’s most extravagant leather and fetish event.  Berlin is known by many of the LGBT community to be the world’s capital of leather and fetish.  In its 7th year successful year, Folsom Europe attracts over 25,000 visitors from all over the globe.  Steele Luxury Travel has arranged an amazing itinerary that will expose you to Berlin and all that the city has to offer during this very special weekend of special events.

 Your package will include a day-of-departure departure cocktail party at the Eagle Bar in New York, roundtrip economy or business class flights on Lufthansa Airlines, 4 nights at the Axel Hotel Berlin, Folsom Europe’s official host hotel, VIP access to all of Folsom Europe’s events as noted on the itinerary online including the famous Folsom Europe Street Fair, and tickets to various events and dance parties during the weekend!

With every purchase, Steele Luxury Travel, GBwB, The Eagle Bar NYC will donate $200 to the Braking the Cycle, a charity cycling event that helps benefit the fight against HIV and AIDS! 

 For more information on this travel experience, be sure to visit  HYPERLINK ""  

Saturday, March 20, 2010

At the Matador

Tonight finds me at the Matador with a slew of new beardy friends. Pictures will follow!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Birche Magazine

Michael Sanderson of Birche Magazine just sent me a very nice email saying he loves my blog and Facebook group!  I have to say, I love his stuff as well!  Check out a sample and be sure to link over and give his site a good going over!  It's definitely right up your alley!

Click here to jump to Birche.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fabulous PDX

This blog was just cross linked by Fabulous PDX.  It's a pretty nifty site.  Check it out beardy boys!

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Newest T-Shirt Design

Thanks to my friend Ken for helping me with this!  He's a great guy!

GBwB Logo T-shirts are here!

It's been a while coming but I wanted to make sure to select the best quality shirt at the best value.  These shirts are produced by RedBubble on 100% cotton American Apparel fabric.  You can choose from white or black print on a wide variety of colors in several styles!

Click HERE for your GBwB t-shirts!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Biography of a Beard: Tim Piotrowski

Tim Piotrowski is an illustrator and cartoonist from New York, New York.  He's a member of the GBwB Facebook page and I think he's the perfect example of how we see so many people around us each and every day but seldom realize just how interesting their backstories can be.  If I recall correctly he posted a piece of his artwork for a beard challenge and that's what got me thinking.  I'd been considering doing a spotlight on one of our beardy boys and I was so impressed with his work I had to dig a little deeper.  I contacted Tim and inquired if he would be interested in providing some examples of his work and answering a few questions about himself.  He was most gracious and more than happy to help me out.  This is what I learned.

My work is influenced by Cartoon Modern, the cartoon style of 50s and 60s animation. My work has appeared in various magazines, and online and books.
I've done work for Marvel comics, doing the coloring on the Northstar story that recently appeared in the Nation X anthology that came out in February. The story dealt with Northstar, the first openly gay superhero, and how he was dealing with his long distance relationship. 
My latest work is coming out at the beginning of April for MoCCA (The museum of comics and cartoon art festival). It's Kool Aid Gets Fired, a 28 page story about what happens to the Kool Aid man after he is let go. Included in that is a short story about his bastard child. 
In the past I did a comic book called Glitch, which I did as a self published mini comic. I did three issues of it. I'm currently working on redoing those 3 issues and finishing the story, in one complete book, which hopefully I will have for October's NYCC.
I don't have a particular style to my art, I like the art to match the story.

Great stuff to be sure! If I were to hazard a guess, this would be a guy to keep your eyes on. He's talented, a nice guy and...has a beard. It can't get any better! Oh and one last comment. When I asked if he had a preference when it came to beards, he replied that it would be 'Rocking Mutton Chops'. Well of course!

Check him out on his website here and on Facebook here.

Meanwhile enjoy some of his fine work.


I made it out to an event in Portland Oregon last night.  It's called Bearracuda.  I might have this wrong, but I think it's normally a party in San Francisco but now has been held here.  Basically its a get together for Bears, Cubs, Furry Faces and all other associated types.  Shaven faces were all but absent at this event!  I met up with some people from GBwB, had some beers and listened to some really amazing music by the DJ's.  It was a really great time, if you ever get the chance to attend you should.  Search for Bearracuda on Facebook and add them.  That way you will get invites to attend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a mid-century Scandinavian bottle.

A new friend of mine from my hometown of Little Rock, AR recently acquired this for his antique shop and thought we might enjoying seeing it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

License to love...GBwB!

A member of the GBwB fan page posted this and I thought it was a great idea.   I wonder how much a heart costs to have printed...

Local GBwB social events!

Many people have expressed interest in having meet and greets in their cities.  If you want to get some people together at a bar or other venue, let me know and I can post an event notice on the GBwB fan page on Facebook for you.  I can selectively invite all people within a city, state or region who are also members of the fan page.  The event tab also tracks who's attending or not, etc.  Drop me a message if you are interested.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Somehow I don't think we will see this in print anytime soon.

Desert Tea at the Pool

Our friend Dane Steele Green of Steele of Steele Luxury Travel and our second Featured Beard on GBwB has asked that I help him get the word out about a special event.  I'm more than happy to help support a fellow beard so I said yes.  Considering that the event sounds fun and involves other bearded fellows, I couldn't resist.  Here's the ad for the event and if you'd like more details you can email Dane at

Dane Steele Green of Steele Luxury Travel

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Art of the Beard's photostream

Pretty nice photos on Flickr.


Art Bear cartoon.

Reposted from Art Bear and brought to my attention by William Hairyartist on GBwB on Facebook. Thanks William!

image on Art Bear


Going on 14 thousand members! Still amazing to me that so many people can band together in a common interest that I thought was obscure at best. It's nice to know I'm not alone. There are so many options before me now. What should I do?! I ruminate over this very question all day long and before I lay my head down at night. Any suggestions?!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shopping for T-shirt sources.

There are numerous online companies that will set up stores for you and sell merchandise with your custom logo.  Cafepress, Red Bubble, Printfection and numerous others.  I'm going to check out Printfection because it's supposed to have good print quality.  This might mean a higher price but I'd rather have that than Home Ec quality shirts running around with GBwB on them.  I want you guys to have good value and good quality.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First T-Shirt Design

Thanks to my friend Ken and his patience, this is a test of the first GBwB tshirt design.  Homemade iron-on designs arent the best but at least you get the idea!  Ignore the low pixel setting...

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Featured Beard Page

There's a new tab on the top menu bar for a page displaying all the Featured Beards to date.  I'll have to work on the layouts and such.  Enjoy!


This morning I woke to find GBwB had broken the 10,000 member mark!  I still find myself to be a bit surprised and incredulous about the whole thing, but also gratified at the same time.  There has, for the most part, been nothing but support and positivity from everyone.  That I could be the causative factor in bringing some smiles and entertainment to a persons day, much less ten thousand, makes all the time and effort so very worth it.  The compliments and praise humble me which is probably a good thing.  The challenge now is to continue to support the members, without whom GBwB would be nothing, and find ways to turn this fortune to worthy ends.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So things have really taken off for Gay Boys with Beards. I started the fan page on FB back in late December 09 just for the hell of it. I had no idea it would be picked up and grow like it has. I'm pleased actually. I've always liked beards on men but wouldn't mention it because I know how judgmental gay guys can be about things like grooming and personal style. At anyrate, it's been a fun ride so far and I have quite a few things in the works for it now. There may be interviews or biographies, exhibitions of work by beard friendly photographers and other artists or even GBwB merchandise. The one thing I hope is that GBwB continues to be a place where people of all types, ages, etc can come together to celebrate the facial hair of gay men in all it's forms. All this being said, I'm eager to hear your thoughts.