Sunday, March 14, 2010

Biography of a Beard: Tim Piotrowski

Tim Piotrowski is an illustrator and cartoonist from New York, New York.  He's a member of the GBwB Facebook page and I think he's the perfect example of how we see so many people around us each and every day but seldom realize just how interesting their backstories can be.  If I recall correctly he posted a piece of his artwork for a beard challenge and that's what got me thinking.  I'd been considering doing a spotlight on one of our beardy boys and I was so impressed with his work I had to dig a little deeper.  I contacted Tim and inquired if he would be interested in providing some examples of his work and answering a few questions about himself.  He was most gracious and more than happy to help me out.  This is what I learned.

My work is influenced by Cartoon Modern, the cartoon style of 50s and 60s animation. My work has appeared in various magazines, and online and books.
I've done work for Marvel comics, doing the coloring on the Northstar story that recently appeared in the Nation X anthology that came out in February. The story dealt with Northstar, the first openly gay superhero, and how he was dealing with his long distance relationship. 
My latest work is coming out at the beginning of April for MoCCA (The museum of comics and cartoon art festival). It's Kool Aid Gets Fired, a 28 page story about what happens to the Kool Aid man after he is let go. Included in that is a short story about his bastard child. 
In the past I did a comic book called Glitch, which I did as a self published mini comic. I did three issues of it. I'm currently working on redoing those 3 issues and finishing the story, in one complete book, which hopefully I will have for October's NYCC.
I don't have a particular style to my art, I like the art to match the story.

Great stuff to be sure! If I were to hazard a guess, this would be a guy to keep your eyes on. He's talented, a nice guy and...has a beard. It can't get any better! Oh and one last comment. When I asked if he had a preference when it came to beards, he replied that it would be 'Rocking Mutton Chops'. Well of course!

Check him out on his website here and on Facebook here.

Meanwhile enjoy some of his fine work.

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